Friday, June 8, 2012

Work In Progress: Ferrari 458 Italia

Photo 1-4

I started as always with doing some sketch with a 2H pencils. For me the best pencil for sketches, you can well see all the important lines and you wont smear it all over the paper.

For the first four "stages" I was using only cool grey markers, black and pencils 2H 2B and 8B.
Now the wheel is done with markers ( cool grey 1-4 ). For all the small details on the tyre I used 0.3 and 0.5 2B pencils also some white gel-pen for the small highlights.
After this I've started doing the background with some smoke. Smoke is done with 5-6 layers of cg 4-5 and black. To make the background look deeper I've done one layer with a 8B pencil and higlighted white smoke parts with some white charcoal.

Photo 5-8

The break caliper is done with Lipstic Red and Poppy markers. It's also shaded a bit with cg3 marker.
Rim is done only with cool grey 4 and of course pencil shading (2H and 2B) to get that reality.

Photo 9-13

All the Ferrari paint is done with mixed Lipstic and Poppy red. For the orange shades I used Mandarind and Amber markers. After all the red and orange coloring I just need to do some grey and white shades to give the paint some glossy look.

And that's probably all you need to know to do this kind of drawing.

Hope that my write up helped a bit and also hoping that the next one will be more exiting:)

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