Monday, June 25, 2012

Baseball drawings

Recently I had some orders for a baseball players from MLB. That's way I thought I can show you some of my works with a small note.

1. Matt Kemp 

Born September 23, 1984, in Midwest City, Oklahoma. He started his career for the Gulf Coast Dodgers in 2003 then he continued it with the Columbus Catfish in 2004 and the Vero Beach Dodgers in 2004–2005.

His debut in Major League was in 2006 with Los Angeles Dodgers where he plays till now.

He ended the 2011 hitting 39 home runs with 126 RBIs, leading the league in both categories, the first Dodger to do so since 1941. He also led the league in runs scored (115) and total bases (353). He finished second in slugging percentage (.586), OPS (.986), extra base hits (76), and stolen bases (40, tied), and third in batting average (.324). Kemp also extended his games played streak to 364 games, as he played in every game of the season. He was the first player to finish in the top two in both home runs and steals since Hank Aaron in 1963.

Kemp was selected for a number of post-season awards, including the Baseball America Major League Player of the Year, the Hank Aaron Award for the top hitter in the National League the Golden Glove Award and the Silver Slugger Award. 

He started the 2012 season off by winning the National League Player of the Week award for the opening weekend. He hit two home runs and drove in eight RBI during the opening series against the Padres.

2. Manny Ramirez

3. Albert Pujols

4. David Ortiz

 5. Alex Rodriguez

Some framed works:

Friday, June 22, 2012

Work In Progress: 2010 Chevrolet Camaro RS

V Generation Chevrolet Camaro RS 6.2L V8 (422 hp @ 5000 rpm)

And the final result:

As always drawing is done with pencils from 2H to 8B and Promarkers in my favorite colors ;)

11 x 16 inches size

Hope you like it..

For more visit my gallery: 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Here are all my "tools" that I'm using in my drawings. My small Photoshop..

Without further ado.

Starting from top left corner.

     Cool Greys are the markers that I'm using in all of my works no matter they are colored or black and white. They give the color very nice bit darker look. Under the markers you can see 3 Rotring pencils. I'm using 0'5's for all shading and 0'3 is great for the small details and thin lines that you will see when you will take a closer look.
    Going down there are 6B-8B pencils mosty used for black parts of the drawings. One layer of these gives you nice deep black look. Micron Ink pens that I'm using mostly for signing the finished piece. Like a year ago I was using only Microns and pencils. Next to the ink pens you can see white ball pens great for small sharp details and white chalk ideal in making smoke, sky or car parts that needs to be brightened smoothly. 
 Pencil sharpener need to say more ? 
    Graveyard is the place for all Cool Greys and Black markers that are almost "dead". These are great in making stuff in background like old walls or gravel roads that are impossible to make with the new and fresh ones. 
    Under the graveyard you can see some paper sheets that I made in 3 sec. great to cover the places from beeing shaded with pencil. Next to these you can see the ear sticks and cotton pads. All the shading I do I do with this exclusiv gadgets:). Ear sticks are great for small details and pads excelent for smooth shading mostly larger parts of the drawing. 
    Under shading stuff you can see some erasers. White ones are cutted in small triangles in my opinion best shape for cleaning small parts of the drawing. Grey Hardmuth is great in doing sky or water reflections.
    One more thing is the wooden board that all this stuff is laing on. All my drawings are madeon this board that I hold on my knees. I just can't draw other way..

Work In Progress: McLaren MP4-12C

McLaren MP4-12C (MY2013)

This version has a 3.8-liter, V8 twin-turbo engine and 625 horse power (25 more than the earlier version).

Whole drawing took me like 12-15 hours without sketch. All is done with pencils mostly 2B, 6B, 2H and Promarkers in Cool Grey shades. As always drawing size is 11 x 16 inches.

 Hope you like it..

You can see the final result here:

Sunday, June 10, 2012


I've been drawing since I could remember. At the beginning my works didn’t look as sharp as my colored works that I do today. In those days I liked better more simple black thin ink lines.

I made lots of portraits and collages. Below you can see some of my drawings from 2007-2010.

My style is still evolving as you can see...

Friday, June 8, 2012

Work In Progress: Ferrari 458 Italia

Photo 1-4

I started as always with doing some sketch with a 2H pencils. For me the best pencil for sketches, you can well see all the important lines and you wont smear it all over the paper.

For the first four "stages" I was using only cool grey markers, black and pencils 2H 2B and 8B.
Now the wheel is done with markers ( cool grey 1-4 ). For all the small details on the tyre I used 0.3 and 0.5 2B pencils also some white gel-pen for the small highlights.
After this I've started doing the background with some smoke. Smoke is done with 5-6 layers of cg 4-5 and black. To make the background look deeper I've done one layer with a 8B pencil and higlighted white smoke parts with some white charcoal.

Photo 5-8

The break caliper is done with Lipstic Red and Poppy markers. It's also shaded a bit with cg3 marker.
Rim is done only with cool grey 4 and of course pencil shading (2H and 2B) to get that reality.

Photo 9-13

All the Ferrari paint is done with mixed Lipstic and Poppy red. For the orange shades I used Mandarind and Amber markers. After all the red and orange coloring I just need to do some grey and white shades to give the paint some glossy look.

And that's probably all you need to know to do this kind of drawing.

Hope that my write up helped a bit and also hoping that the next one will be more exiting:)